Do Include These Trending Top-Shelf Substantials In Your College Closet!

Top- Shelf Substantials For Your College Closet

As colleges are rolling, you can catch more fucchas at shopping centres in Delhi than a Pokémon. Janpath and Sarojini sell at a profit and the trendy streets go narrow with each girl arguing for a bargain of Rupees 50. Those who can’t stand the sun, resort to cheaper alternatives like Forever 21 and enjoy the sale period that coincides with the re-opening time. That’s not a marketing strategy, ok?

However, the million dollar question is ‘how does it look on me?’ To stop you from taking false fashion opinions from a friend and to put an end to self- doubts, here is a brief compilation of a substantial college closet.

The Ripped -Apart

Widely seen on celebs, the trend is not biased. A pair of torn denims deserves your top shelf.

Tip: To increase the life of your denims, don’t wash them frequently. Once a week, would do.

The All season white

White shirts come in handy for both formal and informal days. Girls can pair up their white shirts with spegs while keeping the buttons open or knotting the bottom. Boys can just dapper the look by carrying it un-tucked with a pair of shorts.

Bagging the Fringes on Totes!

Girls yell “Fringes!” with them slings. Let that faux leather fly your style statement.


Sneaky White Shoes

You’ll thank your pair of whites daily. They will adjust your comfort with style or vice-versa so that you can go Da Da Ding!

The Cover-Ups

Magic is nothing but a clever trick. The trick is to camouflage using kimonos, overlap capes and edge to edge shrugs. The formula is out, but are you smart enough to nail the trick?

Choke it up!

Yes, those round things around the neck with lacy, kinky and deep neck tops add sass to your attire and attitude.

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